Spa in Delhi


All our body treatments are designed to create a mental and physical balance. A harmonious balance is created while we work from your feet to your scalp. At Spaking, we will begin your treatments at Spa in Delhi with an extended feet bath. Immerse yourself in wonderful scents and experience a treatment that will be both relaxing and nourishing.

Spa stands for “Sanitas Per Aqua”, health by water. Water has, in addition to a stunning effect on your skin, a spiritually relaxing effect on your mind.

Spa treatments are given in a relaxing Thermae Bath – a private jacuzzi! Besides the benefits of water and essential oils, you’ll get a nourishing body scrub and your body will be hydrated by a massage which can be extended with a foot or head massage.

Spa in Delhi admin will give you treatment rooms all have a private shower. Towels, slippers and bathrobe are provided to you – free of charge.

Your Most Relaxing Massages are Here!
Do you have a busy life, a lot of tension or stress? Then a massage is exactly what you need. During the intake with your Professional, your message will be customized to your individual needs. After an extensive footbath and relaxing foot massage follows a balancing Head massage and the rest of your body.

Choose your favorite massage technique and experience how your body and mind will relax.

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