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How To Prevent Hair Loss With Hot Oil Hair Massage Treatment

You cried you pleaded, you begged your mum not to oil your hair because of how icky and sticky it made you feel. Besides which, you hated how nerdy it made you look. What you didn’t know was how oiling your hair can protect your mane from a polluted and harsh environment. But, ignoring the wisdom of centuries, most of us put away those bottles of…

How to Remove Holi Colors and Protect Your Skin/Hair?

The festival of colors is here! Holi is a beautiful and bright festival that deserves enjoyment, but many of us choose to stay in and avoid the festival because of the colors that are used in celebration, and the potential harm they may cause. So, why not enjoy the celebrations wholeheartedly by using these tips to avoid hair and skin damage.

Get rid of hair fall, dandruff & premature graying

If you are suffering from persistent hair fall and premature .. A good hair day is a mood elevator in itself. However, the fact that it takes a lot of effort in maintaining your tresses cannot be denied. And one such effort in maintaining your tresses is oiling your hair on a regular basis. Hair oil, for a lot of us, is a "back-dated" thing,…

4 Health Goals For Busy Women

Once dutifully playing the role of mother and wife, Indian women have evolved to encapsulate several other roles. Women are making a name for themselves as lawyers, doctors, engineers, programmers, biotechnologists and more. The role of women in society is changing as this section of the population assert themselves as a strong independent force.